Vibrators Will Make Using Your Hands Much More Exciting


If you still don’t know how to use a vibrator, you are losing a lot of orgasm and pleasure. Using a finger vibrators is the perfect complement both for masturbating and for your usual sex life. In fact, I could give you an orgasm if you never had one before, and some women can only cum while using one! This guide will teach you exactly how to use a vibrator along with which techniques work best.

The most important factor when selecting a vibrator for you is to make sure it is powerful enough. If you currently have difficulty reaching orgasm, either during sex or masturbation, and require a lot of intense stimulation to reach the limit, you will most likely need a more powerful vibrator.

This means that you should avoid economic options that often do not offer much stimulation and adhere to mid-range and high-end vibrators that include Lalo, We Vibe, the magic wand Hitachi, Symbian and the well-made “rabbit”. Vibrators style.

Modes and configurations: Another important issue to consider before spending money in a completely new environment is what modes or configurations it has. This is amazing, since it means you can customize it to get exactly the type of stimulation you want.

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While I have no complaints about my sex life, I am among most women who do not have an orgasm just for having sex. I don’t see this as a problem, since there are many other ways to make sure we’re both satisfied, but I’m still curious to experience it. I have asked women who can do it to show me their ways, but it seems that it all comes down to basic physiology: I need clitoral stimulation. While my partner has tried to provide me with this during sex, it becomes quite complicated with so many other things that happen. I was wondering if the right toy could be what would change that.

While this was not the first time we used a sex toy together, I had hesitated to use one during sex for several reasons. First, I didn’t want to make him feel that it wasn’t enough. Second, I was afraid to give the impression that I was just trying to get out instead of being in the moment. A previous partner answered me when I pulled out a sex toy: “I want us to connect with each other, not with a machine,” which made me feel guilty for putting my pleasure above the “connection.” Third, a part of me felt that this was not the “natural” way of having sex, and that if my body did not respond to “natural” things, that was my problem.

But all these fears were in my head. Every time I suggested taking out my toy, my partner didn’t care in one way or another. Using a toy is not antithetical to connect, and who cares if it is natural or not? The bathrooms are not natural, and we like them. Condoms are not natural, and we use them during sex.

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