Responsibilities of Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning has provided advancement in all industrial processes as well as everyday living. It is a division of artificial intelligence that focuses on using statistical techniques for developing intelligent programming.

The students who wish to make a career in machine learning can pursue B Tech course in machine learning. During the course, the students are trained to customize the products, reduce time programming, and solve the problems faced related to technology.

Self-driven cars are one of the common examples of machine learning in day to day life. In addition to this, medical diagnosis, speech recognition, image recognition are some of the industries where machine learning is highly used.

Machine Learning Engineers

Machine Learning Engineers are intellectual programmers who are involved in developing machines and systems that can apply knowledge without any specific instruction provided to them.

Read on to know the roles of machine learning engineers.

Responsibilities of a Machine Learning Engineer

Some of the most important responsibilities of a machine learning engineer are as follows:

  • Designing machine learning systems
  • Developing machine learning systems
  • Performing machine learning tests and experiments
  • Developing machine learning applications.
  • Establishing machine learning solutions into production.
  • Enhancing solutions for better performance of machines.
  • Confirming a good data flow between database and backend systems.
  • Managing available resources such as hardware and data.
  • Verifying data quality and ensuring it through data cleaning.
  • Supervising the data acquisition process.
  • Provide technical support to product managers and engineers.
  • Implementing appropriate machine learning algorithms and tools.
  • Explaining complex process to people who do not understand complex computer programmes.


For performing all the responsibilities, the candidates can pursue B.Tech CSE in Artificial Intelligence from a reputed university. During the course, they are introduced to mathematics, probability, statistics and algorithms. All these subjects help them to understand the functioning of the machines.

With the knowledge of Python and Java, engineers are able to write and understand the codes. The engineers with sound technical knowledge can only make an excellent career in this field as it requires continuous growth.

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