Morgan Freeman Movies

For those of you who are looking for a good movie to watch with great characterization, you can’t do much better than choosing one of the many movie123 Morgan Freeman movies. Whether playing a small supporting role in movies like “Glory” or a leading role in such Movies as “Se7en,” Morgan Freeman always gives a strong and powerful performance that makes watching any movie he is in a pure pleasure. Freeman is an actor who has made his mark on the film industry by bringing to life the personality of each character he plays. Many of Morgan Freeman’s movies have gotten excellent movie reviews.

Here is a look at some great Morgan Freeman movies he has played in as well as some of his most unforgettable roles.


Although Morgan Freeman’s portrayal of Theodore Joadson, a former slave and now a member of the anti-slavery society who is determined to help the men and women who are being held prisoners for their attack of the crew aboard the slave ship the Amistad, is a small one, it is pivotal to the movie. Through his character we see a man who once was a proud African who through slavery has lost everything that the Africans aboard the Amistad hold dear. Their country, their heritage, and their language. This is a Morgan Freeman movie that received excellent movie reviews.

The Shawshank Redemption

Morgan Freeman’s supporting role as Red Redding in the Shawshank Redemtion is that of a man who has spent years in the prison system and knows how to work the system to his best advantage. The friendship that builds between him and newcomer Andy (Tim Robbins) over the years is heartwarming despite their situation the two men find themselves in.

Lean On Me

Morgan’s Freeman’s role as principal Joe Clark reveals a multifaceted and complicated man whose own anger at the world at large, and the treatment of poor school children specifically, sometimes over shadows what he is trying to accomplish. But, through it all, and despite his often “I’ll do things my way,” attitude, he manages to win the respect of the teachers he supervisors and the children he is there to help. This is a great family movie based on a true story that proves that sometimes sheer determination and stubbornness can overcome even the most hopeless of situations. This was another of the Morgan Freeman movies that got excellent movie reviews.

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