Distractions To Worship

Worship is all about glorifying God, its starts from the heart and it’s expressed through a lot of ways our lives, singing, praying, dancing, a lifestyle and many other ways of expressing it to God. The idea of worship is that one prostrates himself before a superior being with a sense of respect, fear and awe.

A lot of times we come before God and we have a certain way we want him to show up and do certain things in our lives and he usually does the opposite, which always leaves us standing in awe of who he is, “this can only be done by God”.

There are so many distractions to our worship and here are just a few of them;

1. We aren’t meant to enjoy worship we are meant to enjoy the presence of God. We now Worship, Worship itself we get so lost in the fellowship with other saints, the music, the ambiance and everything else and we loose sight that we are meant to worship God and not the things around us.

2. We come before the Lord, we sing, lift our hands and bow before the Lord but in the midst of it we are so focused on what other people are thinking of our worship. Am I raising my hands too high, I’m I saw dressed appropriately, do they think I am a cry baby. We are so focused on ourselves and our minds instead of worshipping are thinking what is that person thinking of me?

3. If I don’t feel moved by the song then I can’t worship, one person wrote this “there are some Christians who only consider it to be worship when they are emotionally moved by a song that they get a gooey feeling”, chicken skin or a chill down their spine.

4. Whether you are in the choir, band or you are the worship leader, you would also get distracted a lot by thinking am I sounding nice, is my pitch and sound coming out nice, we become so concerned with the way we Louvores show up and show forth than the God we are meant to worship.

5. Today men are more busier than ever, with jobs, life, business, ministry and schedules. People are working more and more time, energy and resources and giving it all their lives to jobs and their busy schedules that they give the Lord the leftovers of their lives. Some feel like Sunday is their day of rest than it being a day of worship. We are too tired because of everything to give God his rightful place in our lives and present Him with the “Glory due His Name”.

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